ESP offer a range of quality training courses for staff in schools and other child-care, local authority and education settings.



ESP employ some of the most experienced and highly qualified trainers to ensure the quality of any course being delivered is exceptional



Bookings can be made for any course either online through our website, by emailing ESP, or by telephoning Head Office

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ESP has been providing services to education since 2007 and works at locations across the UK.

ESP is managed and run by Directors and staff with long experience in the education and commercial sectors. Our team of trainers and consultants are all nationally recognised and respected in their fields.


ESP is managed by the two founders and Directors, Dr Rennie May and Kim May. Both have extensive experience of running service-based and community organisations.

ESP run nationwide courses for schools, private and public sector organisations, Local Authorities, Government departments, NGOs and many others covering a range of  subjects, including;

      Managing Medication in Schools and Childcare Settings (1 Day)

      Managing Medication in Schools and Childcare Setting Level 1 and Level 2 (Distance Learning Courses)

      Managing Medication and Welfare in an Education Setting (1 Day)

ESP's trainers boast a specialized skill set making them some of the most highly rated, highly qualified and most knowledgeable people in their fields to be leading your course.

ESP staff have set up and run regional organizations and operations for Government Office and nationally funded bodies since 2002, have provided R & E support for over 7 years throughout the north east, and ESP have run nearly 100 conferences, seminars and exhibitions throughout the UK. That’s impressive by any standard, right?

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ESP is a One Awards Accredited Training Centre providing high quality professional services mainly to schools and child care settings across the UK.

ESP offers a full range of outstanding, innovative professional training and related services founded on an internationally recognized and proven reputation for excellence and success.

  • Early Years
  • Local Authority
  • Nursery
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Special Schools

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109-111 Parliament Road, Middlesbrough TS1 4JE


01642 803454



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